In the pursuit of exceptional talent, GlobalTech presents its Retained Recruitment Service – a premium offering designed to revolutionise your talent acquisition strategy. Tailored to meet the unique demands of each hiring scenario, this service goes beyond the conventional, providing a comprehensive solution for companies seeking the perfect candidate(s).


Core Features of Our Retained Recruitment Service

1. Tailored Job Descriptions

Our Retained Recruitment Service begins with an understanding of your specific needs. We craft tailored job descriptions that not only capture the essence of the role but also appeal to top-tier candidates.

2. Customised Recruitment Cycles

Recognising that one size does not fit all, GlobalTech creates a unique cycle of recruitment for each individual case. This approach is particularly beneficial for companies that may have exhausted internal databases or found limitations in their current recruitment structures.

3. Strategic Headhunting for the Unreachable

GlobalTech’s retained service goes the extra mile. We actively engage in headhunting efforts to identify and attract individuals who may not have considered a change of job and would be otherwise unreachable through conventional contingent search methods.

4. Pressure-Free Contract Handling

Say goodbye to the complexities of handling and producing contracts. We manage the entire contract process seamlessly, ensuring a smooth transition from selection to onboarding.

5. Milestone-Based Invoice Structure

GlobalTech understands the importance of transparency and accountability. Our premium service operates on a milestone-based invoice structure, with pre-agreed milestones that align with the progress of the recruitment process. This ensures clarity and fairness, giving you peace of mind throughout the journey.

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